Belfore "Four" T'Chondrius

Dark Elf Sorcer


Back Story
Like every child in Chad Nasad, Belfore T’Chondrius was subject to aptitude tests and faction selection. During the testing, Belfore realized that in each of his tests, it was invoking on his fears, a test where vultures were attacking him, a test where he was encased in a glass tank that was filling rapidly with water, a case where he was being taken advantage of, and then lastly, a scenario where he had harm someone he loved. During his tests he realized that none it was real, and was able to cheat the system. His testing ended abruptly with the administrator Urging him to leave and tell everyone he was sick and was unable to take the test and just remain with Senfless, the faction he was born and raised in. She provided no additional information, and left him confused. at the selection ceremony, Belfore was tired of his lackluster life style and wanted more adventure in his life. After creating his pact with Bravery, he saw how emotinolly broken it made his parents.

Thus begun a three month initiation process with Bravery. Upon arrival Bravery, initiates were allowed to choose new names. When Belfore was asked what his name was, he simply replied “Four”. Everything was a game to Bravery. There were three rounds for initiation, each last about a month. Each round, initiates were given scores based on performance, bravery, and lack of fear. The lowest 6 scorers were kicked out and made faciton-less. He struggled through the months, and some how got under the leaders skin. He kept pushing me past my limits, purposely trying to break me. A women, Tris, kept trying to give him pointers and keeping him on his feet. The third round of testing was the aptitude test. the first dry run was with Tris. Tris was in shock of how well he did, and said no one has ever got out of there dreamscape that quickly. Things from that night forward got strange. The last month was a heated competition between initiates. To the point that a couple tried to kill each other to make sure they weren’t last and eliminated.

The night before the actual real Exam, Tris pulled me aside into a test room. She explained to him that normal people are not suppose to finish this test so quickly. She explained that he needed to think of how someone else would concur their fear in each scenario. She joined him in his dreamscape.

The first dreamscape was in a field with vultures over head and wild beasts rushing towards me. Previously he realized this wasn’t real and dived in to a puddle that ended that sequence. You pointed out to me a brush fire that we ran too. There he found massive branches on fire that he was able to swing away the creatures.. this initiated the next dreamscape

We were in a sealed glass tank filling rapidly with water. last time he just tapped the glass and it shattered, but you pointed out to me that there was a pipe pushing a water current through. he was able to take my shirt off and plug up the hole.

this brought us to a bedroom. It was just myself and Tris, it looked like it was about to get intimate. Once she forced her self on him he quickly pushed her off. He wasn’t interested in moving quickly and was being taken advantage of

This then lead to the next dreamscape. there in-front of him sat his parents, looking disappointed that he changed factions. as he looked at them he realized he was staring down a barrel of a gun. Tris told him “I always have to look away to be able to do this”… Four turned his face and pulled the trigger the dream ended and they were back in reality..Tris looked at him and said “Fear of vultures, drowning, being taken advantage of, and hurting ones you love… Four..”

Having been prepared, he passed the real test in-front of all the factions high members, He was now a true member of Bravery

That night, on the back to Bravery, Tris and Four noticed Intelligence was in the pit, suspiciously off-loading crates. The leader of Intelligence and Bravery were spotted supervising the process. There was rumours of an experimental drug circulating, perhaps this was it? later that evening all members were assembled to receive a serum to boost a immune systems.
The injection put everyone in to a bit of a haze for the rest of the evening and most members when directly to bed.

several hours after lights out, a siren sounded and over the speakers everyone was summoned in the court yard. Four confused asked what was going to a few members he had become chummy with, but it was met with no response from anyone. As everyone approached the court yard, a queue had formed where people were lining up to equip weapons and armor. Four confused as hell with what was going on kept a low profile. A man came stumbling in asking what was going on. The leader of Bravery assured the new member it was ok, and then nodded to a member at his side. With out hesitation, the Bravery member pulled out his bow and shot the confused member dead on his tracks. Four immediately began to act as lifeless as possible like the rest of the members.

Was this serum some kind of controlling device? “why wasn’t I effected” Four thought to himself. Once all the members were equipped they set off into the name in a series of caravans. In Four’s caravan he noticed Tris.. standing there stone cold and motionless. he slowly crept his way up to Tris. “Tris… Tris!!!” he whispered.. for a moment there was nothing, but then she grabbed his hand. Four thought to himself, Deviants must be immune to these control effects.

When the caravan stopped, they noticed they were now in the part of the city where The Selfless lived. It became very obvious that The Intelligence faction had partnered up with Bravery to over throw the council. That’s when it suddenly clicked. This new regime Post-Destruction in Chad Nasad has been a clever ploy all a long to take control of the city.
It became an all out onslaught of. Four and Tris quickly broke away from the rest of the caravan to seek out Four’s parents. As Four came in contact with people who knew his parents, he learned that there was a secret underground bunker that many of the council members were hiding in. As they searched through the city trying to blend in with the rest of the mind controlled faction members, The leader of Bravery spotted the two of them. Trying to play it off, the Leader points his gun at Tris’s head and says “I’ve been looking forward to this”. Four immediately pointed his gun at the Leader, and he begins to chuckle.. “Newbie! I always had a hunch about you. No wonder Tris took a liking to you”. A scuffle ensued, and Four and Tris were able to break away. They were able to steal a caravan and get away.

Tris and Four headed for the edge of the city, and found shelter in an abandoned home. Must of the furnishing had been destroyed or stolen, but a mattress was left behind. They ended there night in-preparation to continue there run first thing in the morning. During the midnight hours Four startled and quickly awoken… before he even had time to react, his head was bagged and was restrained. as he was being dragged away he screamed out for Tris.. but he never heard her… did they kill her!? was she already captured? did she leave him?

Several days pass, and Four is finally thrown in to a cell and head covering removed, immediately finding a Human, Half-orc and a gnome… But where’s Tris…? these aren’t Dark Elves.. is this the work of Intelligence!? “Why do i feel like i suddenly went deeper in to the rabbit hole?”…

Belfore "Four" T'Chondrius

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