DnD Next/5E

The one about Prison

Bullet points, i’ll eventually change it

Arrested and transported to jail.
found in a cell with 3 other in-mates, Half-Orc, Gnome, and a Human
Drunken guard outside of cell, accusing us of something devastating, possible the loss of many lives and some destruction
Human makes a grab for the guard when he falls down. knocks him unconscious, grabs keys
cell door unlocked, gnome recovers short sword from guard
gnome quickly chases human who went down the hell and threatens him for the keys with the sword
Half-Orc is just sitting there, looking like the life has been sucked out of him. I ask him what he makes of the other two, since thus far he seems like the only sane one.
Human throws the keys down the hall for gnome to chase, I quickly use my prestidigitation to mimic sounds from behind the door they are near, the ruckus they are making, they’ll either jeopardise me, or themselves. I still have no fucking clue what’s going on, but I have my assumptions. Human scrambles back to the cell, gnome darts for the keys and returns as well
I hear some grunting/speaking from the gnome and the half-orc and then suddenly the cell door closes in-front of me.
I’m a bit panicky at this point and seek knowledge, and my gear
I try the first door immediately in-front of us. as i approach the door and slowly turn the handle, i tripped and shoved the door right up.
before is what appears to be gallows being built, with a grave yard just ahead. two men working on the gallows see me and are quickly alerted.
At this point I’m freaking out and dash far away from this before more trouble occurs.
As i’m running i hear a scream for gaurds. I try the next door infont of me, it leads to a stair case..
i found another cell, dude is passed out.
The subsequent door was a small barracks, with armour, gear, and some cots.
I grab my belongings and equip everything I can. I contemplate for a moment if i should take some equipment in the event i reunite with the others.. but they may come across their own gear as well, i better not.
I contemplate for a moment turning back.. but decide I’m probably safer away from these inmates, who have mostly shown nothing but aggression.
I make it to what is presumably the way out.. but the door is locked… looks like I don’t have a choice.
on my way back, the passed out in-mate clearly wants nothing to do with me, even at the mention of liberation.
guards are on a full on on-slaught with the others. This violent crowd might be my only way out, and more importantly, answers to this injustice.
as I make my way back, I hear scurrying and frantic screams… I can only assume it’s one of the guards… what on earth are they doing to him?
I assist in the altercation, My magic is a bit hungry, as my flame bolt one-shots a guard, and singes off all his armour



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