Ruined city of Chad Nasad

Ruined city of Ched Nasad (Background)

In the Dark Elf ruined city of Ched Nasad, the city once known for it’s Shimmering Webs before it’s destruction, the new population now live in factions. There are five factions,
The Intelligent: Members who are in constant search for knowledge, strive for eloquent speech, and the correction of lack of understanding that may arise from ignorance with knowledge. Members of the Intelligent faction are generally law makers and researchers, favoring members seeking arcane knowledge and power.

The Selfless: Members value the needs of others above the needs of oneself. Selfless members also do not believe in vanity. They generally become public servants and comprise the majority of the ruling council in the city. This is largely due to their commitment to selflessness, greatly decreasing odds of corruption. Selfless faction favor those interested in members of clergies or Councillors.

The Brave: Members who are brave and seemingly fearless. They strive to become courageous and indestructible. The brave are considered the hardest faction to join and maintain membership. Brave members are generally guards and law enforcement of the city. The Brave favor those looking to be Brave, Heroic, or Tactful in any given scenario. Members are generally quick, stealthy, or know their way around a sword.

The Peaceful: Members value peace and harmony above all else. They are generally happy people who are willing to serve, but will not come face-to-face with those they serve. Jobs may consist of harvesters, builders, and caretakers. This faction favors performers and Nature lovers.

The Honest: Members value honest above all else. Members who joined are injected with truth serums and rigged to lie detectors in front of all members of the faction, who get to ask the most person of questions. This is seen as a tool of deterrent from lying, as the darkest secrets will be out. Members seek honest jobs, and will generally take positions as judges, prosecutors, and liberal activists. Faction favors anyone who is looking for a diplomatic life style.

Refugees are generally not welcomed Post-destruction of Chad Nasad. Pre-Destruction, Refugees who took shelter in this city, were often found to no longer be in favor of Lolth, The Demon Queen of Spiders. As Ched Nasad became overwhelmed with Refugees, the city started losing favor from Lolth, leading to the destruction of Ched Nasad.

The system was brought to fruition through high members of the Intelligent faction. The ruin city now enforces members to belong to a faction. prospects entering into adult hood must choose a faction they believe they will be happy with for the rest of their lives, as transferring is not an option. Refugees are examined on a case by case basis, and are treated as prospects. Psychological tests that induce fear are administered and the responses are measured. As a form of an aptitude test, these results are provided to help aid in a decision. When a decision is reached, the initiation process begins for the prospective faction. Prospects who remain in their born and raised faction are grandfathered in. However transfers are required to pass an initiation. Should a prospect fail to initiate, the likely hood of being accepted back to their origin faction is unlikely, and are left faction-less.

Faction-less turn into the dregs of society. They take on low end jobs such as janitors and street cleaners, in hopes for food in return. They generally live in abandoned places such as ruined underpasses and abandoned buildings.

The ruined city of Ched Nasad also has classified one other “class” of society, they have been labelled as Deviants. Deviants are most likely to not conform to the new norms of society. They are generally self thinkers and will strive do what they believe is morally best for them. They are viewed as threats to their society, fearing over throwing the council, dismantling factions, or destroying the city. Deviants are often thrown out in the wilderness and become faction-less. The aptitude test administered to prospects is also designed to detect Deviants

Ruined city of Chad Nasad

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